Spectre Marine

Sailors don’t pray for a following wind; they know how to sail. There’s a lot of truth in that wise old Swedish saying. But sailors have to know a lot more than just plain sailing.

In addition to technical skills, a seaman must have an understanding of the sea, the weather and climate. Anyone looking for a successful career at sea should also be courageous, persevering and have the ability to make decisions.

And then there are sailors who work at a very different, much higher level. They are the specialists who know how to handle high-speed craft and navigate in unknown waters in difficult conditions. They carry out advanced rescue operations and can handle hostile situations when time is short and there’s no room for uncertainty.

They are the seamen trained by Spectre Marine.

Our company was founded in the wake of a high speed course carried out on behalf of the Swedish Maritime Administration. The course was a great success and we saw the advantages of a mobile, flexible customised training system. We have gradually added to our range of courses and today we can offer everything from individual training events to entire training systems in which every course is adapted to suit the customer’s needs and requirements.

Thanks to Spectre Marine’s worldwide contact network we can always find the right instructors and other professional partners. We can arrange high-speed craft, helicopters and drones etc. to the extent necessary for realistic, practical exercises.

We tailor every operation to challenge participants at the right level. Our instructional method, which is based on confidence and trust, means participants are emboldened to do more and perform at the very top of their ability throughout the entire course.

The international interest shown in Spectre Marine’s range of training continues to grow and we have carried out assignments in a number of countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Our holistic approach, flexibility and discretion are perfectly suited to the needs of various authorities, military units and commercial companies.

Spectre Marine looks forward to hearing from you to discuss how your organisation can become even more safe and efficient.