Kraka Jet Board

Spectre proudly presents Kraka - the first inflatable, light-weight electric board on the market.

Originating from the cold and darkness of Sweden, tested in the roughest archipelago there is, we present a jet board you didn’t know you dreamed of.

Kraka fundamentally changes the premises for operational work in critical situations at sea, where caution, safety, and agility are crucial for the mission’s success.

From rescue operations to river crossings, boarding and other stealth mode missions – this board is a great tool for many types of missions. Easily inflated and assembled, Kraka can be smoothly launched from land, helicopters, submarines and other vessels.

This vessel fills the gap where other small floating devices fail due to shape, loading capacity, draft, or noise.

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Simple, Safe and Reliable

Product facts (four men / two men)

Target speed: 15 knots / 20 knots

LOA: 2975 mm / 2000 mm

Width: 1600 mm / 1220 mm

Draft: 200 mm / 150 mm

Runtime: 30–60 min / 30–60 min

Exchangeable battery: yes / yes

Charge time: 160 min / 80 min

Wireless throttle: optional / optional

Throttle coded to: 2.4 ghz / 2.4 ghz

Payload: 500 kg / 320 kg