Stealth Mode Navigation


The use of navigational aids has revolutionised the marine world. They are a true asset to all personnel being active in the field of marine activities.

However, not all craft have the ability to carry this equipment and also, electronics can, and unavoidably will, malfunction at times. During operations at night, non-functioning electronic equipment can be devastating – if the personnel do not have a backup competence which enables them to navigate safely without the equipment.

In addition to possible malfunction the navigational aids emit light. In operations where stealth mode is necessary, light and sound emission is banned or limited, hence restricting the navigational possibilities utilizing any devices that draw attention to the vessel.

The ability to navigate during nightfall and early dawn is restrained to a highly limited amount of information channels. Spectre can show that with only the help of a compass, paper chart and the discernible silhouette of the peninsula, safe navigation is possible.

We will show you techniques used by the Swedish Amphibious Forces, developed over almost two decades based on the need of stealth advancement of small high speed craft in narrow waters.

Interception is not only a matter of going after a boat. It is also about understanding the area, the technical specifications of the opponent’s boat as well as the strength of your boat compared with the opponent.

The following aspects are taken into consideration

Sound reduction, currents/wind & engine usage

Assault Navigation

Stealth drive; light emission

Interception tactics

ADV Radar

Sonar system

Silhouette navigation; communication methodology