Camp Mozambique

Many countries and organisations participate in stabilising initiatives in Africa and other parts of the world that require very special knowledge in order to do a good job. Being able to exercise on location and get used to the environment, cultural differences and manage unexpected events is invaluable.

Spectre Marine’s training camp in Mozambique allows organisations to gain African experience safely. The political situation is stable, and the people are familiar with foreign activities. What’s more, Spectre Marine is well-established in the country, above all thanks to the major project currently under way in Pemba training crews for their modern Navy. Our training camp is not part of the Pemba training project, but has been established separately. We not only train at sea but also on Lake Malawi, Africa’s third largest lake located on the borders between Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania.

The courses held at Spectre Marine’s camp in Mozambique provide challenges that many seamen are probably unused to. For example, the charts are far from the quality that is normal in most parts of the world. Infrastructure and logistics work differently and things like equipment, boats and service are generally less available.

Spectre Marine’s courses are reality-based and our exercises realistic. The problems participants encounter are clear-cut and they must solve much more on their own.

Spectre Marine’s training courses are reality-based and centred around practical exercises in realistic situations. In order to offer outstanding conditions, Spectre Marine has set up three fixed training camps in different places around the world selected on the basis of the areas’ unique training settings; the island of Tjörn off the west coast of Sweden, Java in Indonesia and Mozambique in Africa.